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A Florida family is traveling to your hometown this summer to show you that 100 plus miles per gallon

is a possibility for cars right now. Fed up with waiting for the government or carmakers to solve our

rising gas costs, this mom, dad and teenage daughter are embarking on an Electric Vehicle Initiative

tour of the state. Their 2,162 mile journey will stop in all the major cities of Florida.


Their plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will be met in cities by other members of The Florida Electric Automotive

Association http://fl with their own vehicles of all types.


The purpose of The Electric Vehicle Initiative is to educate the public about the benefi ts and possibilities

of electric and hybrid/electric cars. The family will be meeting with interested individuals, one-on-one,

to help them select the type of electric car which fi ts their family and the electric vehicle provider

which meets their needs. Also, information on converting a gas car to electric will be provided.


Fran Sullivan-Fahs, Communications President for The Initiative states, “For years we have wanted

to do something substantial to help the environment. Empowering people to take control of their

transportation costs while taking a big chunk out of global warming is our desired contribution.”

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The Initiative provides contact information to help individuals and fl eet owners meet their needs for

total electric and hybrid electric transportation. For more information, contact Fran Sullivan-Fahs at






Florida's EV Initiative



We are oh-so-ready for the adventure known as The EVI!


September 20th, 2008

OK, Ev folks, we will be taking off to driving over 2 thousand miles through Florida in Jan. and Feb. of 2009 to help people like you & me become aware that electric cars are practical, cool, and they exist *right now*. Forget what you have heard about the need for more research on batteries or about only being able to get a range of 10 or 20 miles electric. Our converted 2005 Prius, if driven conservatively, can get 40 miles or more on a 6 hour plug-in charge that costs us about 72 cents. It has a battery pack developed by A 123, a solid battery company our of Massachusetts that developed this EPA-tested battery pack without help from any major automakers. Right now the pack is more expensive than it will be in months & years to come. Soon WE, THE PEOPLE, will demand that our administration offer rebates for these PHEVs and for total EVs. Then, the technology will move beyond early adopters and take off!

If you live in Florida and want us to drive into YOUR hometown on The Electric Vehicle Initiative, join this blog and tell us to stop by. We will do our best to do just that.

If you are already an EVperson, and you’re savy (already) about the existance of good batteries and cool EVs, then WE NEED YOU as a part of The Electric Vehicle Initiative. You don’t have to have an electric car already. But your knowledge about EVs or about your local media and how to connect with them or your knowledge about web based comunications, etc. could help us promote the trip. Believe me, you have something to offer no matter your knowledge or skill level. Join the blog. Let us know what interests you, what you hope to do, or, what you are doing or have done.

We especially encourage mechanical or electronics engineers, to join in, as we lack your skills and we need to put people in contact with you for technical engineering answers to questions about electric cars.

So, don’t be shy, potential new EVfriend! Join our Florida Electric Automotive Association.

Join this blog. Leave that hopelessness about high gas costs and environmental problems behind as you engage with those of us who think that The Great Restoration of the earth is not only possible: it is going on right now! Let’s maximize the fun while we’re at it!

Fran & The EVI



Florida's EV Initiative




For now, the EVI is the Electric Vehicle Initiative.  This is a project that has been constructed to help bring to the people of Florida an awareness about the existence of cool, fun & practical electric vehicles that exist right now. The members of the FLEAA have taken this project as their own and have arranged some wonderful venues for getting this message out.


Fran Sullivan-Fahs, Ron Fahs, and Joy Fahs, a family who live in N. Florida, will be driving their plug-in hybrid Prius to meet these other members in their home areas to showcase the variety of PHEVs and EVs that are available and to help individuals, families and fleet owners choose the type of vehicle that fits their needs.

Update re: the Initiative...


There has been a delay in the conversion of our family's Prius. It will not affect the wonderful presentations which some of you have set up for the Initiative in your regions. It will require pruning the first part of the trip -i.e., initial Tallahassee photo ops and the FSEC at Cocoa plans.


I have a lot of respect for A 123, the battery makers and makers of the lithium ion nanophosphate kit that is EPA crash tested. They are very careful with their testing. Their kit will help our electrification of vehicles in a big way. Just yesterday I got to talk with a young woman, Erin Scott, who is their Inside Sale Representative. She is really dedicated to A 123's commitment to produce an impeccable battery kit.


I am also very fortunate to have had Charles Whalen help me connect with The Advanced Vehicle Research Center. They are our installers and Negotiators Supreme. Dick Dell, The Executive Director of AVRC and Glenn Edmonds, the Program Manager have a lot of big projects that they are working on, but they have kept the communication going through this whole process in a great way between A 123 and myself.

This situation reflects what I call the challenge of being an early adopter. The sooner one can release one's specific expectations and go with whatever is, the better everything will be.  I trust that all players are doing their best and that will be quite wonderful enough. This will be a grand adventure. Thanks, everyone, for your important parts that you are playing!