First Polk Meeting 8-30-2008

Our First Meeting Goals

The objectives of this meeting were to establish and organize a Polk County Electric Vehicle Association. I felt I had an obligation to all those who had contacted me indicating there interest in the status and progress of the development of the Electric car. That obligation was to provide them with a forum to facilitate interaction not just with me, but also with each other.

The first step was to establish an online mailing list to facilitate information exchange. The second was to convene our first meeting. With this meeting we have in place the beginning of both.

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Ted's Insight
Al's Ranger Conversion
Bob, Bobby, Ted and Bud
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Ginny and Diane
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Ginny, Bob Ted, Bobby, Bud, Diane and Al
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Ted, Mike, Bud and Bob
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James Parish's Prius Plug-In
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Plug-In Auxiliary Battery, Plugged In
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Ginny, Phil, Jim, Diane, Bobby, Bud, Mike, and Ted,
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Diane, Phil, Jim, Ted, Mike, Bud and Bobby
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Mike, Phil, Ted Jim and Bud
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Ginny and Diane
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Our First Meeting Attendees

There were two groups of attendees. Both were important to the success of the meeting. We had a small number of local Polk County residents and several FLEAA members. My thanks to the members of both groups.

The session was a half day starting at 9 a.m. My wife Diane provided a nice table with coffee and breakfast finger foods with mini danish and bagels and such. There were not enough attendees to organize or make decisions about affiliations or officers, but there was lots of time for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. The FLEAA folks provided expertise and the locals had lots of opportunities to get questions answered. We ended the morning with lunch at Sonny's Bar-B-Q.

Ted Ellyatt’s Insight Hybrid, which received much interest, and James Parish’s Plug-In Prius Hybrid, which was also well received, were joined by my Ranger conversion. The local folks were all well acquainted with my Ranger, some of the FLEAA members who had not seen it yet spent some time with that. Ted actually drove it to Sonny's. Bob Stanton and Ginny Nifong got to take a ride in Ted's Insight and seemed to be impressed.

In attendance were the Following.

Al Lococo (Winter Haven)
Diane Lococo(Winter Haven)
Isaac "Bud" Cramer (Winter Haven)
Ted Ellyatt (Fort Myers)
Bobby Ellyatt (Fort Myers)
Ginny Nifong (Winter Haven)
Bob Stanton (Valrico)
Phil Lemieux (Winter Haven)
Mike Clark (Tarpon Springs)
James Parish (Tarpon Springs)
George Keramas (Tarpon Springs)
Alice (Tarpon Springs)

Created by Al Lococo