On Tues. Mar. 11, 2008 the PTRC Polk Retired Teachers Club (PTRC) held a joint 
meeting with PEA-R (Polk Education Association, Retired) at their
headquarters in Bartow. Neither group had a business meeting. 
Associate member, Al Lococo, a retired Computer Systems Programmer from
IBM, gave an excellent talk on “The Electric Car” and the feasibility of
that technology, not at some far off date in the future, but now. He
answered questions from the group and gave an inspection tour of the
electric truck he and his  wife, Diane drove to the meeting. Al spent
much of 2007 converting it from gasoline  power to electric power. His
goal is to inform as many people as possible of the need and benefit
from alternative energy sources in order to wean us from foreign oil
dependency. His emphasis has been the electric vehicle.  Al asked everyone
to be sure to see the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car" available at
Block Buster or Amazon.