How far does it go?

Longest trip 41 miles on Lead Acid AGM Batteries.

(It could go more than twice that with Chevorn/COBSYS NiMH batteries.)


Most miles in a single day . . . 60 miles.

Average trip 12 miles.

We drive exclusively to:

supermarket, bank, post office, doctor, movies etc.


How fast does it go?

Fastest trial 60 mph.

Cruises at 50 mph.


How much does it cost to run?

It takes 20 amp/hours to go ten miles.

Or 2.9 Kilowatt/hours @ 13/kwh = 39 for 10 miles


How much does it cost to convert the car to electric?

Car $7,000

Parts $15,000

Total $22,000


How Long does it take to charge?

3 hours for every 10 miles of driving.



Air Conditioning

Power Door Locks

LED Exterior Running Lights

Power Steering

Battery Equalizers

On Board Charger

Cow Mat


Safety Features

Air Bags

4 Wheel ABS

Curb Weight within GVWR

Front Transmission Torque Control



Voltmeter / Ammeter

Batman Computer

Vacuum Gauge

Run Indicator






Key out / Lock Out (Front and Rear)




Low Voltage:



High Voltage:

Cabin Controlled Circuit Breaker

Key On:

Inertia Switch

Motor Over Temperature