March 12, 2008


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA 95814


cc:CARB chair, Mary Nichols


Subject: CARB Zero Emissions Mandate, NiMh Battery Technology and National Security


Governor Schwarzenegger,


The California Air Resources Board will be voting on March 27th on a proposal by CARB staff that would reduce the number of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) from 25,000 to 2,500 over three years. This means the six major automakers would only make 840 ZEVs a year.


There seems to be, almost universal, acceptance of the notion that we don't have the battery technology to put Battery Electric Vehicles in Production.


Battery Technology is not "struggling to reach its goals", it is struggling to reach the market and get out from under the thumb of Corporate Oil (Chevron/Texaco/Cobasys).


I believe these batteries are a National Security issue.  These batteries offer a solution to our foreign oil dependency and global warming.  Why doesnít the government see that holding these batteries from the open market, is a national security issue?


Government has no problem passing the Patriot Act to limit personal liberties in interest of National Security.Why canít they regulate industry in the interest of National Security with the same zeal?


What this nation needs to hear and understand from the people who know (owner drivers) is that we are driving Battery Electric Vehicles and they work with the battery technology available today. Further, they would work better with the battery technology now in the hands of Corporate Oil.


The entire Nation looks to California, its Governor and its Air Resources Board (CARB) for leadership.The Zero Emissions Mandate was our great hope for foreign Oil Independence and clean air.This is our second chance.


The Zero Emissions Mandate can bring the necessary pressure to bear on Corporate Oil and the Auto Industryto give us the battery Electric Vehicles we need to solve our dependence on foreign oil and clean the air in our cities.Do not let the CARB water down the Zero Emissions Mandate again.





Al Lococo